On the day we first opened Aldo's Italian, we realised that the level of sound in the restaurant was going to be a problem for many of our customers - particularly those who are hard of hearing. So something had to be done about it, but what? We thought long and hard and did our research. Finally, we discovered AgileAcoustics and now the problem has been solved. With their expertise Aldo's Italian has undergone an acoustic transformation!

With the addition of 102 acoustic ceiling tiles the reverberation time has ben reduced from 2.5 seconds to 1.1 seconds, that’s a 56% improvement.


And it actually looks great. We wanted tiles that were not only in-keeping with the style of the restaurant space but that also made a statement; so AgileAcoustics designed for us six different, bespoke, marble-effect prints for the face of the tiles - something that, to the best of our knowledge, had never been done before anywhere in the world.


And here's the amazing thing. They used fibres from the equivalent of 660, 50cl-size recycled plastic bottles to make the 102 ceiling tiles required. How about that for eco-friendly credentials!


There is a case study of Aldo's Italian on AgileAcoustics' website


We believe that the changes made are already making a huge difference to you our lovely customers. But if you haven't experienced the changes yet, make sure you visit us soon.